Welcome to My Website!

My name is Radek. I live in London for more than 6 years and I deal with the construction of gardens and driveways. I have been working in this profession for 12 years. My work is treated as a hobby.

I build driveways according to provisions existing in the United Kingdom. Driveways are performed by Marshalls method. Gardens I build at the discretion of the customers and also I create my own projects. Besides that I perform the work associated with extensions, porch, all types of masonry and wood fences, external and internal plaster, garages also concrete screed.

If the client is intrestred in doing the garden or driveways, we arrange an appointment, then I can see a work and assistance in designing a garden or driveway. Valuation of the work I sent always after 2-3 days. I never give the quotations of the work not seeing the work becouse it is unprofessional.

I have been working with MORE SPACE company and they been recommending me to their customers.